2017 Membership Socials

Winter is about over which means Nord Stern Membership Socials are scheduled! All members are encouraged and welcome to attend any one of three (or all three for that matter) get-togethers. Come, socialize, learn about club activities and opportunities, have a bite to eat, and enjoy a tech session and/or open house at the host shops! Details below.

April 8 – Imola in Plymouth, MN – 11 a.m. Welcome remarks followed by events/committee presentations. 2 Tech Inspection demos.

April 15 – Auto Edge in Maplewood, MN, 9:30 a.m registration, munchies, 10 a.m. Welcome and event/committee presentations, Noon, Tech Session.

April 23 -Location Change! (Gina and Brian O’Neil’s: 4400 Rossi Ct NW Rochester)  in Rochester, MN, Noon Pizza lunch, Welcome and event/committee presentations. RSVP to Jeff Boehm: jbandbj@gmail.com, please!

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