Club Race Weekend Recap

The 2015 PCA Nord Stern Loonacy Club Race Weekend was a resounding success.

Over forty race cars.  Over fifty DE cars.  A silent auction.  A live auction.  Porsche and Pancakes.  Parade Laps. New Members.  Old Members. New friends. If you missed the weekend activities you should put it on your calendar for next year as this is truly Nord Stern at its best.

Thanks to so many dedicated volunteers is in order.  Doug Anderson deserves substantial thanks for being Nord Stern’s Club Race manager and keeping everything running smoothly and organized. The legions of Nord Stern volunteers in the pits and in the grid acted like pros even if it was the first day of volunteering for many.

Club Race Charity Manager Keith Jones put on an amazing auction with great variety and items.  Bruce Boeder did his best live auction impression standing on a picnic bench and everyone enjoyed the Saturday social time after the first sprint race and auction.  Even if a certain member was outbid by his own brother for a Bret Bailey original art piece depicting the 2015 Loonacy Club Race “P-Car.”

Steve Meydell’s Porsche and Pancakes, and drive from Monticello to BIR followed by Parade Laps was resounding success with over 15 members joining and at least three new members signing up.  Nicely done.  Our membership chair Ed Vasquez was also on hand making sure we all remember it is not just the cars – it’s keeping and obtaining new members!!

Paul Ingebrigtsen kept us safe as the safety steward, and Dave Anderson and Kim Fritze handled race and DE registration and generally lots of “weekend” issues.  Paul even club raced and Dave DE’d and married a son off as well on the same weekend – talk about busy days.

To all other volunteers who were not named above, and you know who you are – thank you from Nord Stern.

Recovering after a ten plus hour tow home – and smart enough to know I will do nothing productive today other than write this email, I end this email by simply saying thanks to all who made this weekend great.

*****Stay tuned for ESCAPE TO RUSHMORE REGISTRATION NEWS as it is coming shortly…… with dates and times*****

Mike Sabers, 2015 Nord Stern Region PCA President

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