Post First Fling post!

The Club had a fantastic weekend at First Fling.

The weather, barring some rain on Friday, was perfect. Saturday and Sunday ended up being bluebird days and everyone was able to get as much track time as they could handle. When I left late Sunday afternoon cars were still circling and I think we “closed” the place with cars running in the last session.

Our DT Class ended up with 29 new students. That is a great number and some great new folks, with their P-Cars, are joining the Club. Great to see so many new faces.

Our final number was 78 cars for what constitutes an early “First Fling” DE. No snow this time – and not a single accident or bent piece of metal the entire weekend. That is a very, very good thing.

I saw lots and lots of folks catching up and enjoying the company of people that they may not have seen since last fling. Also enjoyed watching many of the new students go quicker throughout the weekend and again doing safely with smiles on their faces.

I want to state a special thank you to Dave Anderson, our registrar, Paul Ingebrigtsen, our safety chair, Chuck Porter, our eventmaster, Ron Johnson, the Chief Driving Instructor who put on the school, and all of the other Nord Stern volunteers, numerous Instructors who took time out of their busy lives to contribute to a great event and a great club. These events do not happen without these volunteers and again thank you for everything.

As always, Nord Stern is always looking for ways to improve these events. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, concerns, or heck even any complaints – fire them to me at

Everyone have a great week and hope your drive home from BIR was as safe as your track weekend!!

Mike Sabers, 2015 Nord Stern Prez

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