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Summer is drawing short but Nord Stern’s activities calendar is warming up as fast as the most recent dialogue on Club Talk. Here are some events you should get on your calendars and get out and enjoy:

First, and just announced, a Rally being conducted by Porsche of Minneapolis with Magnus Walker.  This is not a “sanctioned” Nord Stern event per se but they wanted an invite to go out to all Nord Stern Members:

Who: Porsche of Minneapolis event with an invitation to all Nord Stern members
What: Porsche of Minneapolis Grand Opening / Rally with Magnus Walker (a legendary Porsche collector and restorer)
Where: Porsche of Minneapolis; 9395 Wayzata Blvd
When: August 24th, with a 9:30 a.m. tour of the new facility, a 10 a.m. rally, and an 11:30 rally conclusion at CoV in Wayzata for lakeside beverages and lunch with Magnus Walker.
How: By driving your Porsche.
Please RSVP for numbers to Eddie Rediske

****And for those who cannot make the Rally there is an invite for the grand opening Tuesday night at the facility from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. that all Nord Stern members are also invited to by Porsche of Minneapolis.  RSVP information is the same.

Second, the Nord Stern Labor Day Porsche Picnic in Rochester is fast approaching:

Who: Nord Stern
What: Annual Rochester Labor Day Porsche Picnic
Where: Brian and Gina O’Neill’s home at 4400 Rossi Ct. NW
When: Monday September 7, 2015, 1-4 p.m.
How: By driving your Porsche to this great annual Nord Stern Event. 

Bring your own Brats and Refreshments, and please RSVP to Jeff Boehm

Third: Escape to Rushmore 2015.  If you have NOT heard about this event, you live in a more secluded world then I do (:)) and are not one of the more then 250 persons who have already signed up.  Take a look at the article in Panorama that just came out and it will fill you in (with great pictures) but here are the bones of it:

Who: PCA generally, but sponsored by Nord Stern and Dakota Region
What: Escape to Rushmore 2015
Where: My backyard…..the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota
When: October 1-3, 2015
How: By driving your Porsche to the Black Hills, and then driving on some of the most amazing roads you have ever seen in a time of year that is perfect for drives / tours in the Hills. 

Register on and hurry as the organizers of the event are doing their best to open up new drives / opportunities but the numbers already registered are filling them up quickly!!

Mike Sabers, 2015 Nord Stern Region of PCA President

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