The Prez Sez . . . News of Note

FullSizeRenderNord Stern Region just successfully hosted the largest ESCAPE in PCA history! For all of the Nord Stern members who attended, and volunteered, it was truly an amazing week / weekend.

Incredible roads, approximately 300 P-Cars from 37 states and 5 Canadian Provinces, Drives, Tours, a Porsche Car Show, and a final Banquet with PCA’s National President and other PCNA Executives telling great stories and reminding all of us it is an amazing time to be a fan of all things Porsche. That sentence is almost as long as the train of Porsche cars that left Rapid City routinely for the drives and tours throughout the entire weekend.

Taking a deep breath after the weekend . . . but not too deep as we have our LAST FLING Driver’s School scheduled at BIR for October 16.  We also have advanced lapping scheduled in the morning on the short track October 16 and then advanced lapping on the long course in the afternoon. Our DE is scheduled for October 17 – 18. Register now! gets you ontrack . . . Winter will be here soon enough and it is going to snow, be cold and generally just be unpleasant. Get off the fence, sign up, and come drive with the Nord STern one more time this year.  Come January, it will give you something to look back on and warm you up a bit.

For all students, new members, and regulars, Steve Meydell is hosting a Porsche and Pancakes at Lynde’s in Osseo on October 10 at 7:30 a.m.  Ron Johnson, our Driver’s School Chair and Chief Driving Instructor will be present to put on a short presentation about the LAST FLING Driver’s School and will answer any question anyone may have about the event. Address is 209 County Road 81.

– Mike Sabers, Nord Stern Prez 2015

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