Tech Inspection

Yearly tech inspections are required at the registration of your first event.  All vehicles intending to be used on the track – Porsche or otherwise – need to be inspected.  Although any qualified mechanic can be used, the Club recommends having your car tech’d at one of the Nord Stern approved shops listed below.  Those shops and mechanics know the PCA rules and guidelines and how to fill out the Club’s form properly.

Tech inspections are designed to help ensure the safety of you and those around you on the track. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own car so review the tech form and understand the requirements and that the form is filled out properly by the inspection tech.

Inspection Overview

While a formal tech inspection is required for your first event of the year, it is highly recommended that you check your car prior to every track event. At the very least, be sure to pay particular attention to the following components:

  • Wheel bearings for excessive play or wear.
  • Brake pads should have over 50% of the material remaining.
  • We highly recommend flushing your OEM brake fluid and replace with high temperature synthetic brand.
  • Tires should have 50% of the tread remaining.
  • Wheels should have the lug nuts tightened to the recommended torque range and any snap on parts removed.
  • Fluids should be checked and topped off. (Okay … not those air-cooled engines and dry sump engines should be at the low end of the gauge or indicator.)
  • Are seat belts in good shape and functioning properly?
  • Do the headlights and taillights work? Make sure those turn signals (pointing indicators) work, too.
  • You do need to have a current helmet. It should be rated 2015 or newer. The Club does recommend Snell SA rated helmets that provide extreme impact resistance and higher fire protection.  However, DoT motorcycle helmets are permissible. Helmets can be full face (recommended) or open face.  Helmets are good for 10 years.
  • If you haven’t done so prior to arriving at the track, remove the floor mats and be sure to clean out the car.  You don’t want anything rolling around that might interfere with the pedals and you certainly don’t want any distractions that pull your attention from the task at hand … driving.

Recommended Inspection Shops

Tech Form

Nord Stern requires drivers to present a tech form at the first track event they participate in for the year.  While the form is needed once a year, drivers are expected to properly inspect their vehicles prior to any track event.

You can download the current tech form and have the shop or mechanic fill it out.  Be sure to bring it to the registration desk when you check-in.